Rubberex Disposable Glove - Clear Vinyl

Allogel® Nitrile Glove

  • Super flexibllity, durabillty and ight-welght.
  • No latex proteins
  • Ergonomica ly designed for perfect fit and higher sensltlvity
  • Micro textured finlshing for finger tips and palm
  • Special eaching and chlorinat on procesaes ensured
Weight (+,/-0.29) (Ref: Size Medium) Length/mm Thickness/mm Size Color
3.5g 240 2.7 mils S, M, L, XL Magenta, Violet Blue and Cooper

Features and benefits
Allogel Nitrile Glove Super flexibllity, durabillty and ight-weight for reduction of hand fatigue. No latex proteins and may be worn by most users without the risk of Type 1 allergic reaction.

Rubberex Disposable Glove - Clear Vinyl

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